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Advantage Of Writing A Guest Post To Busimak Write For Us

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How to write a guest post (Guidelines)


  1. Content is the heart of the article. So make sure it is well-researched, published in detail, and systematically presented.
  2. Articles must be free of plagiarism. There is no upper limit. It should be at least 600 words and depends on the skills and concepts you choose.
  3. Use attractive and appropriate titles and subtitles that convey the essence of the content below
  4. Add a copyright-free original image. Relevant images improve understanding of concepts.
  5. Check the article carefully to avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  6. Include a 100-word author bio and backlinks at the end of the article. Precautions before submission.


  1. Please do not attempt to submit an article that has already been published on another website or that has been copied from another source.
  2. Do not add promotional links, affiliate links, or broken links.
  3. Don’t write articles unrelated to your technical niche. Do not use copyrighted or low-quality images.
  4. Do not send posts that promote unethical and anti-social elements.

Topic you can write for us 

Write For Us business to Busimak is a universal platform for business-related news.

  • Business
  • Finance
  • Investment
  • Latest Technology
  • Social Media

I like wholesome articles in the self-improvement genre, including crypto, forex, digital marketing, social media marketing, self-improvement, and marketing of all kinds. I also like articles on startups/commercial enterprises and entrepreneurship.

How to submit your guest post in busimak 

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