Rusty Fawkes Net Worth, Age, Facts, Bio

Rusty Fawkes is an American cosplay model who looks gorgeous and hot she is an Instagram star and content creator on social media. She was borns on the 17th of September in 1997.

She played a cosplayed role in scooby doo, Metroid, and Spyro the dragon. When the cosplay role was shooting Rusty Fawkes shared her work on their Instagram handle.

She has also a youtube channel with her name rusty Fawkes she is one of the most successful cosplayers. She is a very great cosplayer in the united state and she is the richest cosplayer in the united nation everyone knows her because of her great cosplayers. Below we talk about rusty Fawkes net worth.

Rusty Fawkes net worth

Rusty Fawkes has a current net worth of approximately $1.3 million. Her main sources of income include social media platforms, business ventures, commercials, modeling, and brand promotions. With her active career, her net worth is expected to increase in the coming years.

Rusty Fawkes’s height weight and body measurement

We are going to talk about Rusty Fawkes’s height she is about 5 feet and 4 inches and she is 55kg in weight. Rusty Fawkes’s hair is very stylish she always changes her hair color according to the shooting and her mood. She has a slim fit physique.

Who is dating rusty Fawkes

As we know all people want to know about a celebrity’s professional life and also their personal life their love life rusty Fawkes never disclose their love life till now and she does not give any type of hint to their social media handle.

Rusty Fawkes’s Instagram model

Like many other models, Rusty began her modeling journey in November 2018 on the photo-sharing app Instagram. Whit in a short period of time earned millions of followers on Instagram how she got millions of followers?

She shares her cosplay character on Instagram and suddenly that went viral on Instagram. From this, she started getting famous on social media and after that, she has been approached by various brands and companies such as TechniSport.

After rising to fame as a model and Instagram star, Rusty joined TikTok in early 2018. Now she has reached millions of followers on the app thanks to her cosplay content.

Rusty Fawkes youtube

On June 7, 2017, Rusty launched a YouTube channel under his own title. However, she released her first Youtube video “Visit London Again” on 17th August 2019.

Some of the most viewed videos on the channel were “House Tour | Cosplay Room | PC Setup | Egirl Closet |. Rusty also featured Halle Jones on her YouTube channel. She usually uploads two videos per month on her Youtube channel.

Rusty Fawkes family

Rusty hails from a middle-class American family. There is no information about her family at this time as Rusty is very low-key about her family affairs.

Facts of Rusty Fawkes

  • Rusty Fawkes fact
  • Rusty was born in the United States
  • She is mainly a cosplay model
  • She has gained thousands of followers on Instagram after the cosplay
  • Rusty looks gorgeous and stunning
  • She loves traveling Rusty travels to Russia, Italy, Paris, and London
  • Rusty likes tattoos she inked tattoos on her different body parts like her chest and hand
  • She is an animal lover dogs and cats
  • In 2019, she cosplayed Princess Zelda from the Legend of Zelda video game franchise.


Here we mainly talk about Rusty Fawkes net worth. We also cover the rest of the topic like who is rusty Fawkes, what is the age of Rusty Fawkes where is rusty Fawkes work. I hope you will get all information about the rusty Fawkes.

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